Straight from the heart, bright and always intuitive, the music of Sebastien Huber is attracting an ever-growing audience. Often associated with film scores, his subtle universe is an invitation to inner travel, where one can feel space, deepness and freedom.

Sebastien Huber was born in Montreux, Switzerland, on May 20, 1982.
He lived with his family in a cottage, a world full of musical instruments such as organ, drums, sitar, harmonica, guitar and violin. Passionate about music, he would play together with his sister and brothers every week.

At the age of nine, he went to a holiday camp in Italy and became friends with a young German boy, Jonathan, who played piano and revealed to Sebastien the instrument that would change his destiny.

When he came back home, he asked for a chance to play on a piano, and the day he got the instrument, he composed a melody that evoked the oriental atmosphere of Egypt.

He studied at the Vevey Conservatoire where his teacher, Catherine Roulet, provided him with an education that welcomed creativity.
Then, at the Montreux Jazz Conservatoire, he took classes of harmonies, rhythms, and composition with Emannuel Fratianni.

Another enriching encounter was his stay in Brazil with pianist Imelda Ferreira, who introduced him to a new, colorful sensibility.
He also spent time with nomadic pianist Marc Vella, who developed a sensitive approach to improvisation based on empathy and listening.

For two years, he has been living in Budapest where he frequently meets with composer Viktor Magyarovari, with whom he shares passionate discussions about life and artistic creation.

Apart from performing in concert halls and festivals, Sebastien enjoys playing at hospitals in Switzerland, France and Austria. He considers that whereas most people are very lucky to easily be in contact with music every day, such is not the case for those who remain in hospital.
The feedback he gets from the medical staff is that his compositions produce an effect that calms and relaxes the patients, which lasts for a couple hours after the performance.

The music of Sebastien borders on the sublime, caresses the soul and radiates tenderness.